We are the liberation
The transcending joy
Of ego annihilation
The whispered song of breathing
Weaving through the leaves
Of trees left weeping
Drops of seeping summer rains left dropping
A breath forever rustling in my soul
Gliding wings of dragonflies 
Dislodging down and dodging leaves
Spinning spirals crashing down upon me
Like a thousand colors of paint
Longing to be
So absently
Brushed into the language
Of our being

Guard yourself gently
As we approach the holiest of holies
Lest we stir from slumber
The soft mumbles of summer lovers
Of rummage sales and clutter
Fumbling loosely over buttons
In their sleeping lives
So are the seeds of our souls
Such small and fumbling things
Tiny tumbling orbit rings
Each a spec of dust dispersed
Across a universe
So vast

Let it awaken
Be what is meant to be
Until you are unable to watch the trek of an ant slipping over your wrist
And not wonder at the sheer enormity and complexity of creation
An infinite stack of layers of beauty and design

We are the vaguest of shadows dancing in the light of our Love
We are the tambourine and steel drum playing preachers in the streets
Delirious with the sway of street corner performances
In the middle of a sultry, drizzling rain-soaked New Orleans night
Can you hear the loneful wail of the trumpet call
Will you stop to wonder
“How did she know the song of my breathing?”

Copyright: My writing and photography are my gift to you.  You are free to copy and share them under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives license.  

Sacred Fire


Perhaps you feel unloved
but if you wait patiently
every day with your routine
putting your shoes on every morning
one day after another
marching out into the world
left, right, left,
day, after, day…
you will soon forget that you are waiting
Until one day
many years from now
the rhythm of your safety skips a beat
and there, then suddenly
you are…
How did it happen?
How did you forget?
It’s the surprise of it that gets you
Let me tell you
It’s going to hurt
and you better let it
There’s no way around it
only through it if you hope to proceed
A journey survived in youth
proves perilous with age
so you best go now
You have to step into
that unknowable darkness.
In time we spin
these eternal threads
until finally there is peace and understanding
in the sudden realization
of our presence in absolute solitude
with this slumbering Divinity
who is genuinely alone
in the most absolute sense
floating beyond the vast expanse of formless space
before time
before creation
Floating there, dreaming of and longing for
our arrival,
alone in a way we can only begin to know
Whether you consider this Divinity to be
the all-knowing, Loving mind of God
or if instead you see
the emergent, self-aware soul of life itself,
or if you consider this Divinity
To be simply a creation of your own psyche,
a manifestation of your own longing
It nevertheless still sings
the true song of the soul
in its transcendent nature,
the song of Love for all life
Whatever you consider it to be
in this I hope we can agree
that we are all,
in part,
of this Divinity
Then Divinity blinks
and you glimpse the real pain
as it bursts forth in a brilliant shockwave
of light and heat spreading out across the cosmos
leaving in its wake such indescribable longing
for the weaving of creation,
our creation
And you think…
Thank God
that I can still suffer like this
once again
and long so much
to be part of this fabric
of unfathomable complexity, beauty,
and suffering
Reach out
from a place beyond fear
a place beyond time
a place where the Love of humanity and all life
is the illumination cast
by this Sacred Fire we carry
born beyond the beginning of the universe
Realize that now is the time to connect
to fight the isolation of our amnesia
born from our fear and imagined impotence
fueled by the demons of our own scrutiny,
Now is the time to fight against the loneliness, we feel in this world
that we believe is somehow wrong and unique to ourselves
forgetting its divine source

Instead let us realize our loneliness
as the Sacred longing of creation
that drives us to take action
to connect with the company of others
to care for the plight of all souls
Don’t let your loneliness maim you
let it liberate you
don’t ignore it, embrace it
quite defending yourself against it
quite trying to bury it
under your entertainment
and your technology
and a thousand other distractions
let it hurt you
the way that it is meant to
the way that it should
in its divine function
Then when it hurts enough
begin your search
Begin to finally proclaim to the world
all that you believe
all that you are
Proclaim it now
that part of yourself
you truly long to find in others

My proclamation to the world is this;
“I am making my stand!
Will you stand with me
by my side if you have this same
bittersweet gratitude for creation?
Will you also proclaim
these things we stand for;

We stand for Love
in this Sacred Divinity of Experience
We stand for Peace
by our Love made manifest
We stand for Life
because it is our choice
it is our will
and our Love will prevail

Can you say these things?
Can you believe these things?
These are the people I long for,
the people who will stand with me
in these things.

After you have had you own such thoughts
and spoken them aloud
I hope you find how false it was
to have ever thought that you were unloved
The words offered here
and the words and actions
of countless others throughout time
are a testament to you
that you are loved
by all of us who have come before
and all of us who are awaiting your arrival
even now
at this moment
Make your presence known
that we may find you,
but you must speak loudly
and bravely
In your longing for that connection
Make your stand
Do it now!
Speak out!
Because the words offered here
can’t save you
Only your own words,
only your own actions
can do that
when you dare offer them to the world
and discover Divinity’s seed
still sleeping dormant in the souls
of those around you
who feel alone and unloved.

Copyright: My writing and photography are my gift to you.  You are free to copy and share them under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives license.