Orbital – Halcyon On and On

Welcome the day when you discover and accept what you want most from life, more than anything else, and then you decide to go out and be that thing in the world for others.

For me the central question of Faith
Is the one we’ve been asking all along
From the beginning
The one we will continue to ask
Until the end;
Am I alone?
As newborns
It is the first existential fear we experience
When we realize that we are somehow separate
At death it is the lingering doubt
Lurking behind our absolutes
A thousand drops of water eroding
The steadfastness of our convictions
Until one day the blink of fear
Catches us off guard
If you ask me
If you are alone
I will say to you,
You are not alone.
I will speak with a conviction
Beyond belief
One born better from experience.
I will say to You
I see You
I feel You
I experience You
Across all time
Across all space
And I am not the only one
Do you feel it
Moving through us?
Telling us somehow
That we are not alone in this
Forget for a moment
What you have been told
Or what you have decided to believe
And ask instead, what do I feel?
Can you feel this with me now
This ebb and flow between us
This breath that speaks the holy Word of Creation
Come dance in this sacred circle of Existence with me
Come take it all in
Without resistance anymore
Against the depth of suffering and joy
That await you
Each functioning as they must
In their respective Divine function.
When you find yourself
A battered and broken wretch
Observe the beauty in a leaf
Hold it’s fragile and brief existence in your hand
Not so very different from your own
Be with its sheer beauty in transit for a moment
Touch it like an artist
Lovingly touches the canvas
See how it cares little
of its entrance and exit in the world
See how it cares
Only for the part it was meant to play with you
The way it was meant to play with you
See how the universe is playing with you
Here and now
You are being invited into this Divine Play
Touch the Divine Part you were meant to play
Can your heart bear it
How strongly the universe beats in you?
So too are we here for this purpose,
So too am I here for you and your purpose,
For our divine play together
Our tumbling around in this You and I
I can only unfold my self to your self
Awkward as a bad poem…
And be vulnerable
And stand before you
In the naked aloneness of this
So that you might be the Sacred Play at work
In my life
With such gentle and savage beauty
In your heart born of the wild
Born from the burning hearth of the cosmos
The warmth of your fire telling me
That we are none of us alone in this
After all.
Isn’t this the true answer
To the question of Faith?
While our separateness is Sacred
So too is our longing for Union
With each other and Divinity
How to balance the yin and yang of this dance
This careening swing of our trajectories
Falling so easily into the gravity of each other
Searching for equilibrium
And an orbit that results
Neither in colliding annihilation
Nor broken bonds flinging us out
Back into the expanse alone
With even greater velocity than before
How to balance this
Is the question
As your fingertips
Touch the back of my arm
And unfold the universe
Out onto the table
It’s the Starry Night
Van Gogh lining of your coat
Simultaneously cool and warm
Over the back of my hands
As I hold you
The fire of creation
On a cold winter’s night
When you are happy
To just be there with me
In my arms
I could live in that moment
For the rest of eternity
With you
Living in that moment
In this moment
In this Divine Play
For as long as you welcome
My Love for you.
What do you long for?
I surrender myself to that
I surrender myself to you
Share with me your longing
And I will long with You
Share with me your hunger
And I will hunger with you
Explore with me
And I will Explore with you
Be with me
And I will be with You
I will BE with You
and there we will find
the inner heart of Faith
And Fidelity
In our Love
for Each Other
and the Divinity of Life
At it’s most Sacred
I see in You

Copyright: My writing is my gift to you.  You are free to copy and share it under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives license.  

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