Thank you for giving me a place
Where never to begin
Without in the same breath knowing
The acceptance of ending.

Effortless joy
Delivered in an empty tin can

Rolling up against your foot
In the wind
Tumbling rain-soaked scraps
Of crumpled rice paper
Three dimensional kaleidoscopes of folding color
Under the light of the neon night
A place where not to begin
A place where not to end
The translucent veil between the two
Forever folding in what we discard
We don’t begin
And neither do we end
Because we are beyond
And we wonder
What could we want tomorrow

So much more than this day brings
Such rain on tin cans and crumpled rice paper veils
Rolling through the back alleys of our times together

Take my hand
As we dart into the day
I’ve come to bring you your own words
That you grow in my soul with every breath

Copyright: My writing and photography are my gift to you.  You are free to copy and share them under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives license.  

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