Holding Lightly

HÆLOS – Full Performance (Live on KEXP)

Find the Word of Divinity
That lies at the heart
Of the sacred text of your faith

Whatever it may be
Find it in the stories of those who have come before
And have called us to Love
But do not rest passively in the Word
For their message was a call to action
And a call for surrender
Of all that you are
Of all that you thought
You once wanted for yourself.

Will you lose yourself in their call?
Will you surrender to their Love?

To worship them is not enough
They are waiting for you to step forward and ask
“How too may I serve those who suffer?”
“How may I live by your example?”
It is then that you stop clinging to the teachings
Like you’re on a raft in the raging sea
Awaiting rescue
It is there that you learn to weather the storm
As a welcomed and necessary journey
Where you unfurl the sail of your soul
And catch the wind of the Sacred Breath
Letting it move you according to the charted route
Of your true soul
That you have been afraid to follow

It is then that you may truly immerse yourself
With a light and joyful touch
In the teachings of your faith

Where you find the true measure of your soul
Woven in bliss
In the vast wisdom of the ages.
Search not for an escape
Nor a destination in and of itself
In the reading

But find instead the Liberation
Of an opening gateway
Through which you pass
A point of origin and rebirth
Propelling you back out into the world
Like a gamma ray burst escaping
The crushing gravity of a black hole
Matter born again to energy
At the speed of light

Piercing the heart of your suffering here
That somehow whispers now also
The song of joyful purpose
When it is the opening of your compassion
For the suffering of others.
You learn and carry such things
From reading the Sacred Word
Not to save yourself from the world
But to offer and give yourself unto the world
To give the powerful gift you have received
This vision of sacred purpose and beauty
In all things
Where everything that has ever been
Is the voice of Divinity at play
Traveling on an echo
Self reflecting
This Divine Emanation
This Creation
This path that returns us
To our own joyful annihilation in God;
Let the plaintive cry of
“Cupio dissolvi, et esse cum Christo”
“I desire to be dissolved and to be with Christ”
Be not a plea for death
But rather a call to live
Beyond oneself
In communion with his example.
Live in the consumed state
Of the ecstatic experience he offers us
Share this experience with all who long for it
By speaking the Divine Word
Found in the heart of the sacred text of your faith.
When you face even those who hate you
Even those who would demean and destroy you
Lost in the chaos of their own suffering
Speak to them the Word
With actions that say to them
“You are loved by God,
And I will do you no harm.”
For that is where the lost are found
Unto themselves and unto God
And saved.

Copyright: My writing is my gift to you.  You are free to copy and share it under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives license.  

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