Young Adults – Radioactive (Live At GuitarBank Moscow)

We have each of us known the sorrow
Of experiencing a sense beauty in the world
That is particular and tragically unique
To ourselves.
What could we ever say about such things
When it hurts too much to speak?
It is that moment when we are stirred by a sad song
Or a walk alone in the woods

In a way that we know only we could feel.
It is a place where we long endlessly
Only to share such an impossibility
This longing of an ecstasy
Known only in the heart of Divinity
Wherein we are all of us one in such things.
When it opens in me
And obliterates me
When I surrender myself to it
I feel the beauty of your own singularity
Moving within you, unique to you,
Alone in the world, within me.

But how do I tell you
That you are not alone in this?
Forget yourself
And I will forget myself
So that we may be,
There but for a moment

Two flames quenched
In the ocean of God
And surrender

Our being into the Divine
Passing through the everything of this
And for each our singular beauty in this life
Find the union
Of leaves tumbling down through the wind
Dropped from the same Tree of Life
Returning to the same Sacred ground.

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